Johnny Hotshot
The crowd rustler
World Champion Western Showman

HILARIOUS"                                                                                                "AMAZING"

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Safe, Reliable, Self-Contained,
Fully Insured
and thrilling crowds for over 25 years!

An Award winning performer and:

Official Product Tester for Pietta Firearms 
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Official spokesperson

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Honorary Member

The Hollywood
Stuntman's Hall of Fame

Hotshot has been praised for the
safety oriented educational aspects of his performances by numerous
law enforcement agencies.

and many more. 

Hotshot uses
  • Blanks are custom loaded.
  • Caps are used for inside settings.
  • Gun safety lesson for kids in every show.
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Gun spinner from day one.

The wild west show

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gun spinner

gun spining
gun spinning

Entertainer in Phoenix
cowboy show, Arizona
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western entertainment

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bull whip

When you think you need a gun spinner, get Hotshot and get gun spinning and so much more. Johnny Hotshot and his cowboy show in Phoenix Arizona has provided entertainment in Arizona is a wild west show in Arizona like no other. For a cowboy entertainer and showman in Phoenix to do so much and travel so far is a rare thing.  
Johnny is the 2009 SASS~WWPAS World Champion Gun Spinner.
At the WWPAS competition in Las Vegas Nevada in December of 2009 Johnny Hotshot took 1st place World Champion in the Gunslinger category. The SASS WWPAS Christmas Convention at the Riviera Hotel Casino was the location of the first annual wwpas world champion competition of the western arts. Johnny took first place in gun spinning . The SASS~WWPAS people were just a blast and the WWPAS competition was stiff as some of the finest gun spinners, trick ropers, whip crackers and knife throwers turned out for the competition.

Gun spinner Hotshot gunslinger is the consummate cowboy showman. He has been called the Tom Mix of his time because he does it all; gunspining, sharp shooting, fancy shooting, bull whip stunts, exhibition shooting, trick roping, riding, roping, stunt work, and all the wild west antics that go with it for some of the best party entertainment you can find. He thrives on the roar of the crowd. Tom Mix road to glory in the Wild West Show and in the silver screen westerns and Hotshot emulates the great western showman with live Wild West shows and western entertainment. keeping the tradition of the Wild West Show alive, from the Mexican Vaqueros to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, from the marksmanship of Annie Oakley to the Rough Riding fun of Bill Picket and the action of the 101 Ranch, Real Wild West Show, Hotshot does it all. He prides himself on the tradition of those who came before, Tom Mix, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Pawnee Bill, The Miller Brothers, Bill Picket, Texas Jack and others who pioneered the way with incredible trick roping, whip artistry, trick riding, exhibition shooting, gun spinning, fancy gun play, roping, stunt work, gunfights, stage coach robberies, hold ups, war dances, cowboy atire, shoot outs and antics. There is no better showman you can find that offers the thrills, intrigue and excitement of the Wild West Show like Hotshot Jon "Tuscadero" Mincks. Even in an intimate setting he brings the Wild West Show to life with a flair and fun that has earned him the moniker, the new Tom Mix, and he tries to live up to the name as he thrills the crowds and performs traveling around the world. Jon Mix? It seems to be sticking. Watch for his Wild West tour, Armed & Hilarious as it comes to your area. If you enjoy the cowboy arts, you will love Hotshot. If you have never seen the western arts performed, you will be a new fan by the end of his show. As he shows his tricks of the silver screen gunslingers, you will be dazzled by the artistry and skill with which he handles a gun, whips and ropes. This is the Wild West Show like it was meant to be. If you ever wanted to learn gun spinning, this one is for you. The tradition of the Wild West Show dates back to a time when life was harder and people worked hard. Hotshot promotes honest living and being a straight shooter in life. The Mexican Vaqueros would display these skills with whips, ropes and guns around campfires and cantinas. Hotshot keeps these dying arts alive. This gun spinner and exhibition shooter is a one of a kind act. Gun twirling and gun tricks like you've never seen. Shootouts, gunfighters, gun slingers and cowboys for hire. See the shootist live and you will understand. His cowboy fast draw is amazing and his gun spinning is a sight to see.

Gun spinner, gun twirling, exhibition shooter, gun spinning, trick shot, gunfights, trick roper, stunt man, cowboy shows, western shows, wild west shows, trick shooter, fast draw, quick draw, party entertainment, family entertainment, side show, human blockhead, escape artist, magician and more. Hotshot does it all. This is so much more than a gun spinner or gun spinning show. Hotshot Johnny gives every audience everything he has in every show. Gun spinning and trick shooting, fast draw displays and whip tricks but also comedy and excitement like no other performer.


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