Johnny Hotshot a.k.a. Jonathan Mincks
Actor     Stuntman      Specialist

Actor   ~   Stuntman   ~   Weapons handler
Over 25 years experience  film & television production.

Headshot & Resume
available below.

(Resume current as of 5/22/'08)

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Highlights  from  resume:
(all  either  co-staring,  utility stunts  or  weapons handling  roles.)
Easy Rider II
Interstate 60
Three Kings
Tank Girl
The Quick and the Dead
America's Most Wanted
Chicago Hope
The Young Riders

Various  starring  roles  in  independent  films:
Peace and Titties
Tech Noir
The Comic Thief

Commercial, industrial, theatrical and print resumes
available upon request.


Photos from recent productions

On set for a Claritin commercial

Easy Rider II

                        with Captain America                                            with Wes

                                Coordinator Chris Sweeny setting fignt with Wes in the brawl scene.
                                      I like how I'm framed. Cap looks on from bar.

4 Guys
Music Video for the Russian band, Diskoteka Avaria

Rob Jensen has me by the throat as I grab cash.

Some of Rob's Stunt Team.

One of the Avaria guys, Alexi, with the Director.

Heres a link to one of Diskoteka Avaria's videos. Are these the guys the Beasty Boys of Russia?
Click here Youtube

Dark West  shoot

Hanging Johnny Concho

The Mob

Good wholesome fun durring Dark West

Large version Headshot & Resume

JONATHAN  MINCKS      Deborah Maddox Agency

                    S.A.G.                                                150 E Camelback Rd #444 

                                                                                Scottsdale, AZ 85251

602-292-1617      HT: 5’10”     Hair: DK BROWN                 480- 477-8118

                               WT: 175 #     EYES: HAZEL  


Easy Rider II                             Utility Stunts          Pan-American Productions

Dust                                            Starring                   Taylore Studios

Peace and Titties                     Starring                   M P Productions

Interstate 60                            Stunts                      Fireworks, a Can West Co.

The Legend of the Phantom Rider  Featured        Rolles Range Farm Productions

Three Kings                               Utility Stunts          Warner Bros

The University Beast               Stunts                      LBF Pictures

Front                                           Starring                   Potential Urge Productions

Tank Girl                                     Weapons Handler  United Artists

The Quick and the Dead          Weapons Handler   Tri-Star Picture

Pontiac Moon                            Featured                   Paramount Pictures

Roswell                                      Supporting                Citadel Entertainment

Tombstone                               Featured             Cinergi Pictures Entertainment

Tech Noir                                   Starring                     SanNicholas Productions

Fast Getaway II                       Featured                   Cinetel Films Inc.

Shadow Hunter                        Utility Stunts            Republic Pictures

Cold Killer (based on The Tooth of Crime) Co Starring    Student Film, U of A

The Comic Thief                        Starring                     Eye Pictures Ltd.

Raelity                                        Starring                     Osborn Pictures Prod.

The Vertical Craze                   Starring                      Student Film


How To Spin Toy Guns             Starring                      Taylore Studios

Gary Allen – “Man of me”       Stunts                         The Collective, CMT

America’s Most Wanted          Supporting                 STF Productions

High jacked, Fligh 285              Featured                   ABC TV – MOW

Chicago Hope, “Food Chains”  Supporting               CBS TV

Gunsmoke “One Man’s Justice”  Co Starring            CBS TV – MOW

Good Morning America              Stunts                        ABC TV

Marshall Charlie                          Co Starring                Haje Productions

The Young Riders (4 episodes)  Co Starring              ABC – MGM/UA TV

Night Vision, The Future (13 episodes)  Starring      Segal Pictures

Live From The Moon  (4 episodes)   Host                  Tucson Community Cable

Little House on the Prairie “A day at the fair”  Featured      NBC TV


Michael Chekhov Technique              Bruce Nelson

Scene Study                                         Perry Bullington / Patrick Baca

On-camera study                                Jan Meyer / Holy Hire / John Proudstar

Elizabethan Theatre                            Stanton Davis, Shakespeare in the Streets

Stanislavski technique                       Jack Manning

Acting, voice, movement, improv   U of A, graduate level study, Doug Anderson

Acting, movement, improv               ATC, Encompass Workshop

Fencing                                                 Attila Toss, Olympic team trainer


STUNTS:  Stage & studio combat,    High falls to 35’,    Transfers,  Stair falls,       
Jerks,    Martial Arts,   Weapons handling:
Bull whip (stunts and targets)
Six gun expert (Fast draw, trick shooting, gun spinning),
Fencing (Rapier/broad)

SPORTS:   Western Horseback,  Climbing (free/tech), Driving (man./auto.)   Motorcycle (Dirt/Street), Skateboard (ramp/pool/street),    Snowboard,   BMX,    Jet Ski,     Baseball,    Basketball,   Frisbie  

MISC.:  Escape Artist,    Illusionist,    Juggler,    Musician,    Busking & Ballyhoo,    Ear & teleprompter, Wolf Trap artist (great w/ kids),   Technician,    Carpenter,    Teacher,    Coach,    Father  



Thanks for looking.

Jon Mincks, actor, stunt man and weapons handler for all occasions. This SAG actor and stunt man has the experience to get the shot done right and with a believability and detail that sets him apart from other film talent.  Trained in a wide variety of acting techniques and having the experience in front of the camera for years as a SAG actor, Jonathan Mincks is a strong supporter of independent film and television projects. Talent and ability, acting and action, production and coordinating, Mincks is committed to bring the very best to the screen. He has an on-camera presence that is unmistakable. His acting is honed in over 20 years as a sag actor and working in film, television, independent film, commercials, theatre, and other performance.
Nuncum fides a lamia.
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